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Everything you need, and some more

At Outland we're passionate outdoor enthusiasts who have translated our experiences into creating the perfect camper for exploring British Columbia

Explore more, spend less!

  • Tackle rough and narrow roads effortlessly.

  • Fit into small and underground parking spots.

  • Access free campsites unsuitable for large vehicles.

  • Enjoy lower ferry costs

  • Travel further on less fuel

Ford Maverick Size comparison with ford transit and Toyota Tacoma

Compare the size of our Ford Maverick with other popular campers

Our Ford Maverick camper combines car-like practicality with all the features of a large camper

Fuel Cost comparison for a 3000 km Road Trip

Outland Maverick


Tacoma with accessories 


Ford Transit Van


Hitch a Trailer and Bring Everyone Along!

Pair our 4x4 camper with Droplet’s cozy sleeping trailer, allowing up to 5 people to sleep comfortably while staying fuel efficient.

Save 20% with code OUTLAND20 when you book a Droplet Trailer

Ford Maverick towing a Droplet Trailer

Everything is included


  • Camp Chairs (2)

  • Table

  • High-Performance Cooler

  • Cooking Set

  • Food Prep Essentials

  • Dining Set for 4 (with extras)

  • Dual Burner Stove

  • Propane Tank

  • French Press Coffee Maker

  • Water Carrier

  • Cleaning Supplies (towels, sponge, biodegradable dish soap)


  • Pillows (2)

  • Sleeping Bags (2)

  • Extra Blanket

Camping Essentials

  • First Aid Kit

  • Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Smart Lantern

  • Headlamps

  • Solar Shower

  • Rain Cover for the Tent

  • Card games

Also Available

  • Ground Tent for 3

  • Extra Sleeping Bags & Pillows

  • Extra Chairs

  • Infant Car Seat

  • Back Seat Cover for Dogs

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