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Feature Highlight : The Smart Lantern

Camping is all about embracing the great outdoors, but when the sun sets, having reliable lighting is essential for safety, convenience, and creating a cozy atmosphere. With our smart lantern, you can say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark and hello to bright, dependable illumination.


Say goodbye to worrying about your devices running out of juice while you’re off the grid. Our smart Lantern features a built-in power bank, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices conveniently.

Remember to plug it in to the power inverter under the backseat while driving and it will charge your devices while camping.


Need a softer, more diffused light inside your tent?

No problem! The smart Lantern can double as a dome light by simply unscrewing the top and attaching the clip to the roof of your tent


Clip the smart lantern to our canopy, and you've got yourself the ultimate setup for cooking and dining under the stars. The lantern's bright illumination, coupled with the reflective ceiling, creates a brilliantly lit space, perfect for preparing meals and enjoying dinner with friends and family.

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